All About Tin

Five Fun Facts about Tin on Food

It’s the end of the month (and year) again! And it’s time to get to know who Tin Regis is outside the artsy stuff. 😊 Five fun facts about me on FOOD with hugot on the side. Haha. – I’m doing the blood type diet plan for about four months now. (Ano type mo? Baka… Read More Five Fun Facts about Tin on Food


Do I Hoard Pens?

Many ask how many are my pens? Have I hoarded? To tell you the truth, I didn’t. I bought 1 pack of 10 (primary palette) way back May this year as a birthday gift for myself. Since then, I only use 10 pens which most of them got frayed up. I saved up for another… Read More Do I Hoard Pens?


One Year. One Love.

Great things come to those who wait. One of the much awaited breakthrough had begun last year. I still recall when one of the managers told me to go ahead with the visa processing, plane ticket purchase, and knowledge transition. A lot of things happened from then on. I never thought I would end up… Read More One Year. One Love.