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Letting Go of My US Stay

‘Are you sure?’, my onshore manager asked. YES. I. AM. SURE. To tell you my story, I was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be assigned in US for work last December 2015. Not just that. Last November 2019, I was given another level of opportunity – to be nominated in the company’s pool of Green… Read More Letting Go of My US Stay


Meet Me in the Lou

I’m catching up with #HOMwork tasks in R-E-V-E-R-S-E ’cause why not ChocNut! This week’s task, Week 12: Create a piece of artwork about a place that is particularly meaningful to me. “Meet Me in The Lou.” I choose my current workplace – St. Louis (say it with an S), MO, USA. Home of the Cardinals… Read More Meet Me in the Lou


Gary Vee’s Crushing It!

Most unlikely YET perfect place and timing to finish up Gary Vee’s latest book, Crushing It!. Let me tell you why. Tuesday (or Thursday) is usually my laundry day. This place is located at the basement part of this condo-style apartment. No WIFI. No mobile data. Just your book, you, and the waiting game. Finishing… Read More Gary Vee’s Crushing It!